Open Call Research Projects 2025

I’m happy to announce that the open call for new one or two year research projects at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp starting in 2025 is finally made public. You can find the form to apply here: Because NO further guidance is provided for filling in the expression of interest, I made a small document with FAQ’s that could give you a sense of the procedure and give you some information about what you can expect from us and what we expect from you as an applicant-researcher.

Procedure: first step

The procedure consists of three steps. First you send a filled in Expression of Interest form to the research department ([email protected]) before September 15 2024. The form consists of two parts. In the first part you describe the research project you would like to undertake within the research group and how it relates to your artistic practice. A good starting point to define your research project would be to begin with describing the artistic problem you try to deal with in your practice and then make clear how this research project might activate or expand your practice. The second part requires you to argue why you think Thinking Tools would be the right fit for your research project. To get a better understanding of what we stand for, you are invited to consult our website: For this part, you are also kindly asked to mention the support you expect to receive from the research group or from other affiliated departments within the Academy or the University. For instance: do you wish to collaborate with specific scientists? If so, be sure to mention that in the form. Unfortunately, there will be NO further support or guidance from the research group concerning this form.


Procedure: second step

Once all proposals are received, the permanent members of the research group come together to discuss them and decide which projects will be chosen for further development. If your project is selected, the chair will contact you in the first week of October and introduce you to the final application form. For completing the final application form, you can of course rely on the support from the chair of the research group and/or the promoter of your research project. When finished, you have to send this final application form before December 2 at noon  to the research department ([email protected]).


Procedure: third step

Once all final application forms have reached the research department, they will be sent to an external and independent reading commission who will discuss the quality of each proposal and will allow or reject the proposed project. Their final decision will be made public during the month of April. You will be notified of their decision by April 2025. If successful, you can start up the project in September 2025.


What do we offer?

We offer an employment of 55 % and an operating budget of 1000 € per year. Before sending in your expression of interest you should check if you could be employed for this percentage at the Academy. Due to the strict regulations concerning the payment of employees outside of the EU, we can only accept proposals from artists who live in the EU or have an EU-citizenship.


What do we expect from you?

Although it is not necessary to reside in Belgium for the execution of your research project, we do expect you to come on a regular basis to Antwerp. We find it important for the researchers to feel (and be) connected with the Academy, not only with its research department (where you could meet and exchange ideas with other researchers), but also with its educational department. Therefore, we organize different opportunities for you to meet with students, to talk about the progress of your project, to give a workshop or talk, etc.


Background image courtesy of Dries Segers (from the series Mudgrams, 2023-2024)