Continuous Space/Flying Minds

The practice-orientated project titled ‘continuous space / flying minds’ wants to explore the fragment as a specific characteristic of photography.

The research is based on and inspired by an essay by American art critic and theorist Rosalind Krauss on the equivalent-series of Alfred Stieglitz (1864-1946). The works in this series focus on something as simple and yet full of wonder and emotion: the clouds in the sky. When we look at these photos, the notion of them being cut out or cropped out of a larger part, is almost tangibly present. Starting from this notion of the cut, of the act of fragmentation which is so fundamental in the photographic process, the project would like to research the artistic potential of the fragment.- Within my own work in the studio, as well as in dialog with other artistic positions. The project will not limit itself to the way photographers deal with the fragment, but will fan out to other artistic disciplines, from literature to other visual art practices.

My aim is to trace a path from the pure analysis of the given circumstances as a fact to an emotion-driven, gesture-orientated, poetic fiction: from reality to an idealized place of metaphorical qualities. The works that will be produced during this process will be brought together in an exhibition and publication.


Berit Schneidereit


Steven Humblet