Dries Segers

Dries Segers (°1990, BE) is a visual artist, photographer, matter bender, publisher and researcher. Segers’ material based practice is centered around photographic materialization with a focus on the non-human, uncontrollable processes and invisibles. He collaborates closely with (biotic and abiotic) matters as the sun, wind, plant, tree, fungus, light, rain or fire. This results in plant based and mutable inks, self-build camera’s, extreme close-up and camera-less photography.
In his interdisciplinary field of work, he explores the value of human and earthly elements to start collaborative processes. In some works, the use of matter is tangible (rain, air, water, trees) in other cases he uses and activates invisibles (radiation, light waves, pollutions). While adapting these biotic and abiotic matters he visualizes the togetherness with other-than-human bodies, ownership, the terrestrial, control, exploitation and protection of our lands. He works with various photographic media and print-techniques and transforms them into light or heat sensitive objects, textiles, publications, photographic prints, and installations. Besides being a matter bender, Segers develops self-made print techniques, inks and camera systems to interact with (in)visibles, more-than-humans and creates a practice of what matter becomes matter.
Stefanie De Backer, Portret Dries Segers