Dialogues in the Footsteps

The research group Thinking Tools kindly invites you to the exhibition by researcher Isabelle Cordemans. ‘ The exhibition will run on 11 and 12 November at the former studio of Joris Ghekiere (Atelier Tomorrow in Klein Willebroek).


Isabelle Cordemans creates layered images that she playfully brings together in temporary and lively constellations. She starts from photographic material that she transforms in an associative ‘ongoing’ process of cutting and pasting, rephotographing and reprinting. ‘Dialogues in the footsteps’ tells of her desire to look up again – at the birds – after years of looking down, walking alongside her husband who suffered from visual spatial loss at the end of his life. She began photographing magnolia leaves trampled by footsteps on the pavement, and followed these ‘footprints’ into the studio of her artist friend Joris, to continue the conversation about looking up with him and with us. And looking up again.¬†Isabelle Cordemans’ exhibition shows an in situ installation – a kind of 3D collage – as the provisional conclusion of her project ‘Tragedy and Levity’, in collaboration with research group ‘Thinking Tools’ of the Antwerp Academy of Fine Arts.


Atelier Tomorrow
(previous atelier of Joris Ghekiere)
Schoolstraat 35A
2830 Klein Willebroek

Opening times

Saturday & Sunday 11 and 12 November
From 2 PM to 6 PM